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In the current issue

Putting skills on show

Employers often lack awareness of what people with learning disabilities can do. An event where they can demonstrate their abilities aims to change this, say Shaun Webster and Dominique Burley

Parental alienation and decisions

Who was trying to control a woman in supported living – provider or parents? The focus should be on capacity to make decisions and best interests, said the court. Belinda Schwehr reports

In brief

Benefit rules to tighten, care staff don’t stay and a railway win. Saba Salman reports

Far down the Covid list

The inquiry into the pandemic has highlighted how little priority the government afforded people with disabilities. Their voices need to be heard as this investigation continues, says Saba Salman

Wish you were here…?

England’s first major ‘idiot’ asylum attracted erudite visitors, whose glowing travelogue-style reports unwittingly served to push people out of mainstream society. Susanna Shapland reports

Mounting a challenge

If you don’t agree with a decision about a welfare benefit, you have a right to get this re-examined. Charlie Callanan steers through routes, reviews and reconsiderations

Dancing into work

Young adults within a dance community are being offered paid and volunteering opportunities through a community leadership programme, says Juliet Diener

Guides to good maternity care

A project brought together parents with learning disabilities, researchers and health and care professionals to find out what good maternity care looks like. The Together Project now provides free guidance and training for student midwives. Helen Guest and Anna Cox report

Finding histories, creating stories

Hospital archive records and family memories of people who grew up in institutional care are being used to ensure we see the whole person and help them tell their own life stories, says Noel Fagan

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