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In the current issue

Disabled parents and risk of harm

The risks of harm to a child may not be enough to remove them from the family home, even when the parents’ disabilities mean they cannot prevent this, report Belinda Schwehr and Emman Kaur

IQ tests: fascinating and pernicious

IQ testing has had long-reaching effects, determining who is fit for what and who truly belongs in society. Its influence over our lives and our ambivalent attitudes are captured in an installation

Work is the priority

The health and disability white paper, issued out alongside the spring budget, brings in major changes to benefits and support for disabled people to find employment, says Charlie Callanan

Learning for adult life

If young people are to be prepared to be adults, the special school inspection scheme needs to change and education plans should reflect individual preferences, says Suzanne Gale

Imbecile or just bizarre?

Did a jury agree that reckless behaviour, including rapidly marrying a courtesan and impersonating police, showed a wealthy man was of unsound mind or an English eccentric? Susanna Shapland reports

In brief

Volunteer idea criticised, good and bad press and carers are in court. Saba Salman reports

Spotting the soft signs

Signs of illness can be difficult to identify, as can getting services to listen. Andrew Bright describes projects tackling these

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