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In the current issue

Power in the pounds

People with learning disabilities have considerable spending power. Dorothy Watson describes a project to help business target an untapped market and make buying less fraught for all

Artistic chaos

There is beauty in creating art in a unorthodox way that opens up conversations, says Richard Phoenix

Advice on a real choice

Enabling someone to decide for themselves is a basic human right and boosts wellbeing, and a new guide and workshops support you to help others to exercise this, say Sally Warren and Jo Giles

Families find solidarity

An event brought together people whose relatives had died in state care. This aimed to amplify their voices and make the experiences of bereaved families less harrowing, says Will Lewallen

Club with a toxic secret

Boys at a harsh institution who joined an illustrious-sounding science club were given days out and gifts – and special food laced with radioactive isotopes. Susanna Shapland reports

Get ready for adult life

A hundred young people have co-produced and feature in a bright, clear guide to adult life. This and careers events may give them new ideas on what to do, say Dan Wilkins and Abbie Mines

IQ and testing times

An installation and event on IQ tests sparked a wide-ranging discussion from their use in eugenics and in diagnosis to how much stress they could cause, say Matt Prothero and Sarah Marks

Consequences of work

Entering paid work and changes in employment and earnings can affect numerous benefits in many ways – and may even lead to abilities being reassessed, says Charlie Callanan

Activities are more than a choice

Disability-related expenditure should not be restricted to what is necessary for care and support, and a person’s own ambitions should be taken into account, reports Belinda Schwehr

‘I’ve written the book I needed in those early days’

Heidi Mavir was blamed when her autistic son struggled with school and advice from well-meaning professionals was often all too wrong – so she wrote a parenting guide. In these edited extracts from her book, she describes how her son Theo found life difficult and the effects of ignorance and prejudice around autism.

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