Superhero aims for the silver screen

Hollywood gets a determined visitor

Tommy Jessop in Hollywood on a shoot

Something we have come to expect from Line of Duty actor Tommy Jessop is trailblazing.

And he does not disappoint in Tommy Jessop goes to Hollywood, a documentary made with his brother Will.

Tommy had the idea that there needs to be a movie superhero who has Down syndrome. So, naturally, he hops on a plane to go and argue his point in Hollywood.

Jessop’s imagined superhero is called Roger and his evil nemesis the unforgettably named Noel Scum.

The magical bit is that Roger’s superpower is the ability to change people’s minds. Which is exactly what a superhero with Down syndrome would do – by being a superhero with Down syndrome.

The Jessop brothers persuade handsome devil Kit Harington (Jon Snow in Game of Thrones) to read a fragment of script as Noel Scum with Tommy as Roger. Scum accuses Roger of being a mistake, who corrupts the rest of us with his extra chromosome.

“You’re wrong,” replies Roger, “you’ve never given us a chance,” as Scum starts to inject him with a “miracle cure” that will unravel his DNA. Perfect.

Various Hollywood figures make encouraging noises as the two brothers tout their idea. The latest news is that they are now back in England working on a full script.

There’s a lot of persuading ahead, but you can’t help feeling that, if anyone can do it, Tommy Jessop can. I for one can’t wait.

Tommy Jessop with co-star and film baddy Kit Harington
Tommy Jessop with co-star and film baddy Kit Harington