Check out Belinda Schwehr’s Care and the Care Act blog

belinda business seminarSchwehr on CARE is Belinda Schwehr’s contribution to supporting people who are interested in adults’ social care to use the Care Act, together with public law principles. The idea is that the Act might then really make the kind of difference that it was intended to bring about. The blog will do this by encouraging the airing of stories from people in the sector, or affected by it, about what’s actually happening in practice, now the new law is in force. This includes blogs by guests also in the field All about Schwehr on CARE

As subscribers will know, Belinda Schwehr is a leading legal trainer and consultant particularly expert in Community Care Law who writes for Community Living magazine on cases of relevance, so don’t miss the chance to check this out.

The blog aims to  to look at different aspects of the Care Act each week and provide a public forum of discussion about what is actually happening in the sector, in order to flag up if there is a difference between practice and theory.

In response to comments or queries about current situations arising, Belinda will happily give a steer, using her 15 years of expertise and experience. She will look at what the Act says should be happening, about a given part of the customer journey, for instance, or what commissioners should be doing, or at the line between health and social care.