Don’t ever call us unskilled again!


Learning from the experience of Support Workers during Covid-19

Authors:        Sally Warren and Jo Giles (Paradigm)

“People who offer their time, energy and attention to help … others are an asset to society and should be valued as such.
Let’s see a shift away from viewing Social Care as a tiresome drain of resources to viewing it as a valued and essential part of society.” (Survey respondent)

“Don’t ever call us ‘unskilled’ again” brings you the voices of 118 Support Workers (supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism) from across the UK. The majority of the respondents are members of the Gr8 Support Movement.

The report captures their experiences, thoughts, ideas and learning during the pandemic and shares them with the nation.
It highlights:

  • how support workers responded during the pandemic with thoughtfulness, creativity and dedication.
  • some key messages and ‘must haves’ for moving forward beyond the pandemic.

the plea of Support Workers to be valued and recognised as essential and highly skilled members of the Social Care workforce, not just now but as society moves forward.

Please click below for the “Don’t ever call us unskilled again!” press release and the summary and full narrated report on their website report Don’t ever call us unskilled again

This is such a good look at the quality of how support workers feel about their jobs and highlights how they have adjusted to the Covid19. Certainly NOT unskilled but how they’ve helped people understand what’s happening, knowing what will work for the different people they know and how important it is for people to be in small community-based support where we can see far less people catching the virus.