Corona Virus Act 2020 ‘Easement’ Guidance

Corona Virus Act 2020 DHSC Guidance to be used alongside any use of the Corona Virus Act removal of duties. It implies serious amount of scrutiny so perhaps now some room to at least question how any such decision is arrived at and to challenge this in relation to the actual needs of the person affected?

CASCAIDr’s translation of the ‘easement’ guidance (link below), issued by DHSC on the Care Act modifications under the Corona Virus Act 2020, includes a useful point that where the LA chooses to revise plans, they must also continue to involve users and carers in any such revision

Mental Health Commission Scotland determines to scrutinise:

Mental Health Commission Scotland determines to scrutinise any loosening of the normal duties and ensure any examples are actually exceptional and justified. they have asked that the system includes a formal notification to a scrutiny body each time these ‘easement’ powers are used.