CASCAIDr – the specialist legal advice charity – needs your support!

CAN YOU HELP CASCAIDR – the specialist legal advice charity by supporting their walk for legal help

The annual London Legal Support Trust Walk raises much needed funds for charities that provide life-changing legal advice and representation to those in need. Due to the ongoing restrictions in place, regarding mass participation events, the Walk has turned virtual for 2020, giving people the opportunity to participate in any way and any place they like.

Belinda and others supporting CASCAIDr’s work are participating to ensure that those who need funding for social care services advice and back-up, actually get it – enforcing legal rights that are fast disappearing, in the current culture.

The Charity runs on a shoe-string, sticks to its model, and gets fantastic feedback for its output. Here’s the link to some of the outcomes CASCAIDr has achieved, in the short time it’s been operating, if you have time to look:

Please join Community Living magazine in helping this invaluable organisation to continue with its mission, during Covid-19? Any one of us might need social care services, in the future, for our friends and relatives, even if we don’t feel the effect of Covid directly ourselves. Society has never needed a social care safety net more than now, as furlough comes to an end, and people’s informal networks of support necessarily withdraw.

Belinda is still going to be walking, taking on 10k before October 5th, walking individually, whilst CASCAIDr focuses on its own 10x challenge. Between 28 Sept – 9 October, CASCAIDr will be answering 10 difficult legal questions and answers per day, all about community care law – not just the law in ordinary times, but with a special focus on Covid-19 implications too.

The link for posing any social services related or CHC legal question you might have is here: and the answers will be posted on CASCAIDr’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

How can you help with donations?

If you’re working from home and saving costs, you could maybe self-sponsor? You could donate your daily coffee allowance, your weekly commuting cost or monthly lunch-out budget. Got a birthday coming up? Why not nominate us, as your Facebook birthday fundraiser?

Please pass this email on to people who might share these interests and values? Consider encouraging your friends, family and colleagues to support your efforts by doing any of these things, CASCAIDr will reach its target.

CASCAIDr  hopes to use the money to become a full service but exempt charitable legal entity, able to issue public law legal proceedings for judicial review – when literally nothing else has worked, to get a person their legal rights!

Belinda Schwehr CASCAIDr writes a regular legal article on up-to-date Care Act matters with no charge – if you enjoy this please give – every donation, however small helps.

CASCAIDr’s Virgin Money Giving fundraising page link is: