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Note: Community Living magazine’s 9th legal seminar in November 2019 with Belinda Schwehr LLM on current adult social care law will be reporting in Community Living magazine’s Spring issue (April 2020) which covered both ensuring charges are fair and legal, but also on legal and illegal cuts to budgets or services. She also covered Supported Housing developments and  charging law and disability related expenditure (DRE) as well as looking to the future developments and changes.

For adult service users, families, carers, care providers and professionals  CASCAIDr’s £15 webinars

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Info about the Webinars in general  – last series into 2020 – check/email for updates into 2020

CASCAIDr’s 2019 Care Act Webinars focus on  the trickier bits of the legal framework regarding assessment, advocacy, eligibility, care planning, sufficient budgets, due process rights, direct payments, choice and charges, plus lots more.


Our Purpose

Helping you understand how law works in this field – it’s within your reach, with CASCAIDr’s Care Act Webinars, each one 1hr max, including 15 minutes for live questions and answers.

For care providers and care professionals 

CASCAIDr’s webinars will enhance your legal understanding and if you work in the sector, they’ll help you build up your own professional development record -even if your employer isn’t willing to pay to keep you competent.

Participation certificates can be created for your portfolio.

Useful techno information

The webinars run on smart phones as well as laptops. Your joining link is generated after you’ve paid and registered with your email address (click on the link below to get to the Webinars page on our site). The joining link will work on one device only.  

The registration fee includes a recording playback link and we’re fine with you replaying and listening with others via the account you’ll be invited to make on the CASCAIDr website.

How much do they cost?

Each Webinar costs £15.

You can save nearly over 15% on the series of 12 by opting in to CASCAIDr’s annual BASIC membership for £155 – at any time up to your third Webinar (any fees already paid will be credited against your membership fee).  Basic Membership offers other advantages too, including access to the Q&A part of CASCAIDr’s health and care law database for a whole year. Contact

For those who can’t afford £15.00, we have donation tickets for whatever you CAN afford. Again, contact 

Any organisation wanting to buy a 1/2hr bespoke private webinar on any of the topics listed need only ask on – our private webinar fees start at £200 depending on your status.

How do I pay and register?

Attendee registration is via a dedicated page on our site and there will be further opportunities via social media.  See ‘To Book’, below. Any registration, invoicing or admin queries to

Registered participants can also send short on-topic questions to, prior to each live event – let’s get loads of people going up that legal literacy learning curve!

To book your session(s), please click here

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