Bl**dy Awesome ParentS (BAPS) Awards

Bl**dy Awesome ParentS Awards

Community Living magazine is proud to announce our sponsorship of Bringing Us Together’s Bl**dy Awesome Parents (BAPS) awards.

These monthly awards aim to recognise some of the many amazing parents out there who make a real difference to their child’s developing life. Some, as we have seen in our own pages, have to battle against huge odds to get their adult son or daughter back into the community. We are sponsoring the awards jointly with Choice Support.

The March award sponsored by Community Living magazine goes to Marc Carter, a full-time carer to 3 children with complex needs amongst his other activities…despite his own significant health needs – see more at BAPS of the month March

If you would like to nominate someone, let us know. Email nominations to Community Living editor Simon Jarrett on – we’d love to know who you’re nominating. Do contact them direct ofcourse and learn more at BAPS awards